CH Wildax Secret Love at 19 months

Wildax Fluffy Sock

Glenauld The Highlander at Wildax

CH Wildax Secret Love

CH Wildax Secret Love

CH Wildax Secret Love

CH Wildax Secret Love

Wildax Beatrix Brown (10 weeks)

CH Wildax Secret Love


Introducing Kingrock Foxtrot Fran

Photos of Frankie at 13 weeks

CH Wildax King Kenny

Meet The Wildmans 2014

Meet The Wildmans 2012

Meet The Wildmans 2011

Meet The Wildmans 2010

Meet The Wildmans 2009


Wildax Diana Ross

Wildax Diana Ross

Wildax Diana Ross

Wildax Dusty Springfield

Skipper winning Reserve Best in Show

Wildax Dusty Springfield

Wildax Queen Of Sheba

Wildax Augustus Brown at 8 months

(Augustus Brown) with owner Liz Rankin

Wildax Augustus Brown owned by Liz Rankin

Wildax Baby Belle at Mcarmadale RCC

Wildax Elliot Ness with handler Liz Rankin

Liz Rankin with Wildax Kestrel at 2 years

Wildax Boot Of Glass at 6 months

Wildax Scales Of Justice owned by Anna Spencer

Wildax Flaming Flamingo (9 weeks)

Wildax Ooh Ecky Shoelace owned by S Bringamo

Dandy getting his crowning CC& BOB

Wildax Queen Bess - owned by Vicki Schfaild

Skipper at 2yrs with Liz Rankin Sept 2011

Margaret with CH Wildax Dandylion Sept 2011

Wildax Top Notch at Nateez 2 RCCs

CH Wildax Miss Mischief at Bournwell

Wildax Mighty Mokosi 3 RCCs

Wildax Sheer Audacity 1 CC

Frank in 1947

CH Wildax Dimple

CH Wildax Lovebird

Wildax Vivienne Westwood 2 RCCs

Int CH Wildax Whisky

CH Wildax Love Mr Snowman owned by S Urban

Ch Wildax The Urchin

Wildax Monet. 3 months

Margaret handling in Holland 1979

Frank and kids with Boxer, 1972

Ch. Wildax Tudor Queen at 3 Months

Wildax Lucky Lynx 7mths with owner Rosemary Rostron-Parker.

Margaret and Ann with Ch Wildax Hurricane and his son Wildax Rooney collecting their Top Boston and Top Puppy award at Crufts

3 year old Kimberly Sciberras with her Boston Ch Wildax Wild Card

9 year old Thomas Jewell-Wildman winning with Ch Wildax Quanto.

8 year old Emma Wildman handling Tessa at Crufts.

Grandson Thomas Jewell-Wildman aged 8 months reading the Kennel Gazette in 1988

Ann with Byrock Silver Bangle at Wildax

Bredwardine Wild Rose at Wildax

Ch Wildax Lovelace

Margaret with Lovelace at 8 years old winning BOB at East of England.

Frankie with 12 year old Wildax Antoinette and granddaughter Tamara

Ch Wildax Scaramouche winning the DCC at Crufts 2008

Wildax Betty Jackson of Winuwuk at 5 months

Robil Tamara of Wildax

Wildax Intoxicating Company, Billy

Wildax Silver Simax

Wildax Kestrel 6 months

Wildax Bullfinch 6 months

Franks mum Marie in 1950

Manni' Ch No Na Me Night Dancer of Wildax

Wildax Doug Hyde

Cara and Be Bop Baby (Stanley) at 4 months

Wildax Lucky Lynx. 2years

Ann and Doug Hyde

Wildax Tobias. 9mths RCC. Owned by Paul & Jill Lownsbrough

Wildax Ooh Ecky Shoelace (Sara) owned by Susanne Bringemo

Champion Wildax Oscar de la Renta owned by Alex Pergue

Wildax Edward (Sealaw Can You Keep a Secret 1CC 3RCCs x Bredwardine English Rose of Wildax RCC)

Margaret with a heavily pregnant Ch Wildax Tudor Queen & Ch Wildax Dandylion


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